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Tool review: the Phoenix Systems Injector

Phoenix Systems’ Phoenix V12 Pro kit is a budget-minded bleed system but designed for professional durability.
<p>Phoenix Systems’ Phoenix V12 Pro kit is a budget-minded bleed system but designed for professional durability.</p>

As we all know, there are a number of ways to bleed air from a hydraulic system, none of which are any fun. However, the one-man Phoenix Injector makes the task less of a challenge. While they offer several versions (Power-Ject; Maxi-Ject Pro; V20; and V12, in both pro and DIY versions), the specific kit we reviewed was the V12 Professional model. By the way, they also offer their Maxpro, an all-metal pump that even offers the option of a very cool rail-mounted flashlight (it sort of resembles a tactical weapon).

The heart of the system is the pump gun. This is a hand-operated pump that features a large, full-contact trigger. The V12 trigger contacts the palm of your hand, while the forward grip remains stationary. This is a nice feature, allowing you to apply pumping force with the base of your hand instead of tiring-out your fingers. The pump also provides both an injection end and a suction end (pressure and vacuum).

The V12 kit we reviewed included the pump and just about every adapter known to man (at least that’s what it looked like), as well as a handy fluid bottle that even features a wiz-bang lanyard and strong magnet. The kit even included a very nifty in-line filter, very handy for pressure (injection) bleeding to prevent contaminants from being introduced into the system. The kit also includes several brake fluid test strips that utilize the FASCAR technology, to test a vehicle’s hydraulic fluid for contamination and condition.

The pump may be used to either suck fluid or to inject fluid. This has multiple applications, such as removing fluid from a master cylinder reservoir, sucking fluid/air from a system (vacuum bleeding), or injecting (pushing) fluid into a system during RFI (reverse fluid injection), system flushing or master cylinder bench bleeding. Naturally, this tool offers applications for both brake and hydraulic clutch system service.

My experience with this tool kit was very favorable. The pump seems well-constructed and (short of smashing it against a wall or driving over it), it should provide a long service life. In addition to the clear vinyl hoses, the pump’s cylinder is transparent, so you can visually observe the piston (and fluid) movement.

Hose connections (to the pump, bottle, and various adapters) feature super-convenient rotational locking/unlocking Luer Lock Quick Couplers. These are easy to use, and there’s no fear of cross-threading issues as would be found with traditional threaded connections.

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