Rattling Hyundai

Some Hyundai Elantra vehicles may experience a rattle noise from the front muffler with the brake applied in Reverse after a cold start. The noise does not occur after engine warm-up. This applies to 2011 Elantras equipped with an automatic transmission, in production range 11-12-2010 through 12-30-2011.

Raise the vehicle on a hoist. Apply the parking brake and start the engine. Place the shift lever in the Reverse position. Check to see if the noise is coming from the front exhaust muffler.

Use a screwdriver to press against either of the two locations shown in Figures 1 and 2. If the noise is reduced or stops, replace the front muffler.


Front muffler assembly      28610-3X300                 FED 11

                                          28610-3X400                 CAL 11

 Exhaust gasket                   28751-2V000                 FED 11/CAL 11

                                            28751-3X000                 FED 11/CAL 11

Figure 1. Press on the exhaust hanger.
<p>Figure 1. Press on the exhaust hanger.</p>
Figure 2: Press on the flex pipe.
<p>Figure 2: Press on the flex pipe.</p>

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