Chrome-clad wheel balancing

Chrome-clad wheels used by many OEMs have presented problems. Chrysler notes that the use of proper wheel adapters are required (on your balancing machine) when mounting chrome-clad wheels to the balancer.

This affects all Chrysler vehicles equipped with chrome-clad wheels, ranging from 2002-2012, including Pacifica, Ram truck, Durango, Aspen, Journey, Wrangler, Avenger, Nitro, Liberty, Challenger, Cherokee, Chrysler 300, Magnum, Compass, Patriot, Dakota, Caliber, PT Cruiser, Town & Country, Grand Cherokee and Commander.

Models equipped with chrome-clad wheels require specific piloting on balance equipment to properly center the wheel to prevent damage to the chrome clad surface. The chrome cladding is not removable or replaceable and has cladding tabs that extend into the wheel bore. Traditional high-taper cones will come into contact with the cladding tabs rather than properly seat on the hub bore chamfer. Many modern aluminum wheel designs cannot be mounted with traditional cones. Direct-Fit collets should be used to properly mount clad wheels to balance equipment.

The required adapter kit is available as P/N 1-20-2382-1 (wheel balance kit, collet / flange plate).<p>A special adapter kit is required to mount chrome clad wheels to your balancer. 1. Direct-Fit dual taper cone; 2. Seated in wheel hub (properly piloted); 3. No obstruction to cone; 4. Obstruction keeping cone from piloting; 5. Not seated properly in wheel hub; 6. Traditional high taper cone.</p>

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