Kooks Introduces EPA-Certified Catalytic Converters

<p>Kooks says it is first-to-market with "game-changing" EPA-certified catalytic converters.</p>

Kooks Customs Headers Inc. has released a line of catalytic converters certified by the U.S. government’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The company says the new Green Catalytic Converters line makes it the first North American muscle car and exhaust manufacturer with an integrated EPA-certified catalytic converter.

The new Green Cats eliminate emissions related to problematic “check engine” lights, according to the company. With a 90% success rate, they meet all EPA federal emissions standards, a common problem among performance enthusiasts in emissions-restrictive states.

Universal to all Kooks systems, the new Green Cats work on applications up to 900 HP and handle exhaust temperatures up to 1500 Fahrenheit. They are ideal for naturally aspirated turbo charged and supercharged applications and come in 2.5-inch and 3-inch sizes.

For more information on the new Green Cats from Kooks, or any of the other systems, call 704-768-2288 or go to

GE-901403”x7.5” Ultra High Performance Green Catalytic Converter
GE-901412.5”x7.5” Ultra High Performance Green Catalytic Converter
GE-901422.5”x12” Ultra High Performance Green Catalytic Converter
GE-901439.75” Long Body Ultra High Performance Green Catalytic Converter

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