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Touchy Bimmer

This bulletin applies to 2010 BMW 328i models equipped with the optional CIC navigation system professional.


BMW Brake Lights

This bulletin applies to 2011 BMW 328i E93 equipped models, produced from Aug. 31, 2006, to July 2, 2007. A “rear light failure” message may be displayed in the check control and one of the brake force display lights may be inoperative. The cause is likely a light bulb failure or a loose contact between the light bulb and socket.


Leaky Bimmer

This bulletin applies to 2012 BMW 750i Hybrid vehicles. The engine oil pump volume control valve gasket seal ring may leak oil. The cause may be damage during factory or service assembly.


Lean Bimmer

This bulletin applies to 2010 BMW Hybrid X6 models equipped with the E72 engine. The Service Engine Soon lamp may be illuminated, with faults stored in the DME memory.


Befuddled Bimmer

This bulletin applies to 2012 BMW 328i models. A check control message “Electronic Malfunction” may be displayed in the instrument cluster and CID (Central Information Display) along with various electrical functions inoperative.


BMW Pulse

A pulsing or droning noise may be heard from the front of the vehicle on 2012 BMW 7-series models. The auxiliary water pump or the water hoses that lead from it may be in contact with adjacent components, or the auxiliary pump may be installed incorrectly on the rubber mount. Harmonic vibration from the auxiliary water pump is being transferred through the bracket that supports the pump.


Confused Temperatures

This bulletin applies to 2009 BMW 328i vehicles equipped with the N51 engine. The “Service Engine Soon” lamp may be on, accompanied by fault code 2AD8-EAC Sensor, monitoring – implausible.


The Light’s On, But Nobody’s Home

Owners of 2010 BMW 750I vehicles may complain about backlighting in the instrument cluster staying on after the ignition is turned off. This applies to vehicle equipped with the optional 6WB (dynamic digital instrument cluster). No fault code is stored.


Powerless Bimmer

This bulletin applies to 2011 BMW 328i models equipped with option 522 (Xenon lights). The power windows and/or power mirrors may be inoperative. The LED on the headlight switch may be flashing, and there may be a check control message for Windows/Mirrors/Headlights. There may also be a complaint of water in one or both headlights. One of the following codes may be stored:


Bimmer Noise

Some 2012 BMW 128i vehicles may experience a rubbing and/or scraping noise at the steering column. The noise may occur when turning the steering wheel from left to right. While there are a number of components which can cause this type of noise, this bulletin is specifically related to those noises which can occur directly at the steering shaft.

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