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Infiniti Brake Noise

This bulletin applies to 2008-2011 G37 Coupe models (non-sport models only) equipped with single-piston front brake calipers. When traveling forward or in reverse at a slow speed, a squeak or squeal noise may be heard at the front brakes.


Luxury Car and High Performance Brakes

Premium-priced high-performance luxury cars tend to push the envelope in terms of braking system performance. While a disc/drum or disc/disc system found on any production vehicle is designed to provide safe and reliable braking, luxury performance cars tend to be outfitted with “spirited” driving in mind. As engine power increases, accompanied by the potential for higher speed operation, there’s more demand on the brake system, requiring the system to meet these challenges.


Brake Parts Introduces Raybestos RPT Plated Brake Calipers

Brake Parts Inc. reports new Raybestos Rust Prevention Technology (RPT) Plated Brake Calipers are premium quality, remanufactured calipers that function and fit like OE. A proprietary zinc electroplating process inhibits rust and provides all-weather protection against the elements.


Brake Pedal Self-Applies?

This bulletin applies to 2013 Chevy Silverado 4WD vehicles equipped with Hydro-Boost. Customers may notice that during full-lock turns or near full-lock tur


Nucap Offers Brake Caliper Hardware

Nucap Industries reports it will be offering caliper hardware to the global brake industry, and is developing a new drop-in-the-box (DIB) and bulk products catalog for release to its customers.


Chevy O-Ring Blues

Owners of a 2012 Chevy Captiva Sport may comment about a low brake pedal. During diagnostics, DTC C027B may be stored in the EBCM. This concern may have started after the master cylinder was unbolted from the brake booster for any reason.


MAT Holdings Offers Bendix Fleet MetLok Brakes for Severe-Duty Applications

MAT Holdings Inc. announces the relaunch of the Bendix Brakes brand Fleet MetLok product line, a line of automotive disc brake pads and rotors designed specifically for use in severe-duty applications, as well as service and pursuit vehicles.


Stop by Bendix Product Line Covers All Makes and Models

Mat Holdings Inc. has improved the shim design of its Stop by Bendix brake product line and expanded coverage to all automotive makes and models.


Fussy Caddy

An owner of a 2006-2010 Cadillac DTS may comment that a STABILITRAK NOT READY message is displayed on the DIC.


Transit Delivers Noise

Some 2010 Ford Transit Connect vehicles may exhibit a thumping or knocking noise from the rear when braking. The cause may be the set screw effect of the rear drum inner friction surface during initial braking, when rear shoes first touch the drum.

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