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Hot Cop Cars

Some owners of 2013 Chevy Caprice vehicles may comment about roughness or vibration felt at stops and a clunk from the driveline on acceleration from stops. This may be caused by a broken motor mount.


Cop Cruiser Concern

This bulletin applies to 2012-2013 Chevy Tahoe Police vehicles equipped with StabiliTrak. The customer may comment that they are unable to disable the StabiliTrak by pressing and holding the TCS/StabiliTrak button for 5 seconds as the owner’s manual indicates.


GM O-ring Woes

Some owners of select GM vehicles may comment on a low brake pedal during braking. See the application list at the end of this bulletin.


Chevy Is Dead in its Tracks

This bulletin applies to 2007-2013 Chevrolet Silverado vehicles equipped with the Allison LCT1000 5-speed or 6-speed transmission, where the vehicle may not move in forward or reverse.


Chilly Chevy Steering

Owners of 2014 Chevy Equinox vehicles may experience a noise or a fluid leak from the power steering pump, gear or high pressure side power steering hose during extreme low outdoor temperature operation.


Smoke & Mirrors

Owners of a 2012 Chevy Aveo may comment about an SES light on. Initial diagnosis may display any of the following fuel trim and/or O2 sensor related codes: P0101, P0137, P0138, P0140, P0141, P0157, P0158, P0160, P0161, P0171, P0174, P0420, P0430, P1174, P1175, P2096, P2097, P2098, P2099, P2177, P2178, P2179, P2180, P2187, P2188, P2189, P2190, P2270, P2271, P2272 and/or P2273.


Chevy Engine Abuse

Owners of 2011-2014 Chevy Cruze vehicles may complain about a loud engine rattle or knock noise, or that the accessory drive belt and the crankshaft pulley has come off. An inspection may reveal a loose or broken crank pulley bolt and/or flywheel bolts.


Start With the Basics

Some owners of 2010-2013 Chevy Camaro SS models may complain about an SES light along with a misfire. Upon inspection, any of the following DTCs may be present: P0300, P0301, P0302, P0303, P0304, P0305, P0306. P0307 and/or P0308.


Checking Crank Pulley Runout

Owners of 2012 Chevy Caprice vehicles (civilian or police) may complain about a belt squeal noise and/or a perceived crankshaft balancer wobble. In most cases, the wobble is an optical illusion because the design of the balancer gives the appearance that it is moving laterally more than it is.


Popping Camaro

This bulletin applies to 2010-2014 Chevy Camaro models. The customer may comment about an intermittent pop or multiple popping noises from the rear of the vehicle (this may occur shortly after a cold start or EVAP purge event).

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