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Honda Reminder

This bulletin is a reminder that applies to all Honda vehicles. When installing a new fuel pump/fuel gauge sending unit in a Honda car or truck equipped with a plastic fuel tank, don’t forget to install a new fuel tank lock nut, base basket and fuel line retainers.


A Squishy Fix

Honda notes that urethane foam is a handy adhesive-backed material that’s just the ticket for getting rid of gaps between pillar trim pieces in the headliner, or quieting interior squeaks and rattles caused by two parts touching or rubbing against each othe


Don’t Ride the Brakes

Honda offers a reminder regarding a loss of power where no DTCs are present. This may be the result of the normal workings of the brake system override.


Honda Shift Position Tip

This bulletin applies to all Honda models equipped with one-push start. When you shift into Park and shut off the engine, does the power mode stay in ON or Accessory? The culprit could be a mis-adjusted shift cable.


Honda ECM/PCM Connectors

Honda ECM/PCM connectors are now embossed with geometric shape symbols to easily tell them apart. Connector A (white) has a square; connector B (gray) has a triangle; and connector C (green) has a circle.


Uneven A/C Temp

This tip applies to all Honda models equipped with air conditioning. If the left dashboard side vent is warmer than the right side with the A/C on, chances are the evaporator core isn’t being flooded with enough liquid refrigerant, causing it to fully vaporize halfway through the core.


Battery Cable Reset

This tip was provided by Honda for solving odd electrical problems. Many automotive systems today rely on software. Should that software develop errors, which can happen from something like a low battery or interrupting a learn procedure, it can cause all sorts of odd electrical problems that can be hard to troubleshoot. Try doing a battery cable reset.


Mystery A/C Leak?

According to Honda, if you’re troubleshooting for an A/C leak and can’t find it even when using dye or another leak detector, the problem may be at the bulkhead, where the A/C lines attach to the expansion valve.


Honda Tip

This bulletin applies to 2012 Honda Civic Hybrid models, regarding shorting the SCS circuit with an HDS PC.


Rodent Hot Sauce

Honda now offers a “Rodent Deterrent Tape” for wiring harness repairs where wires have been chewed by a mouse, chipmunk, etc. The new tape, P/N 4019-2317, contains capsaicin, the material found in “five-alarm chili,” which should deter future chewing issues. The tape is available in rolls.

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