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Intake Learn Is a Joke

This bulletin applies to 2007-2012 Nissan Juke models, where the IAVL (Intake Air Volume Learn) will not complete, using CONSULT.


Ajusa's New Gasket Kit Is Designed to Seal Leaky Nissan Oil Cooler

CRP Automotive has developed a special Ajusa OE-quality Nissan Oil Cooler Gasket Kit, P/N 01204500, for Nissan’s 2.5L engine.


Nissan 4 LO Switch Fix

This bulletin applies to 2004 Nissan Titan vehicles built before January 15, 2004. The “4 LO” light may flash in all of the 4WD shift switch positions. Also, the “ATP” light may be on when the transmission is in the Park position.


Squeaky Nissan Bar

This bulletin applies to a host of Nissan vehicles including 2004-2010 Armada, 2005-2010 Frontier, 2005-2010 Pathfinder, 2004-2010 Titan and 2005-2010 Xterra.


Funky Nissan Frontier

This bulletin applies to 2003-2010 Nissan Frontier vehicles equipped with the RE5R05A five-speed automatic transmission. Using CONSULT III Self Diagnosis, check for any of the following DTCs:


Nissan ECM power

This bulletin applies to 2006-2009 Nissan Pathfinder vehicles. If you have a MIL on with DTC P0603 (ECM power supply) stored in the ECM, this DTC may have been stored due to a series of previous low battery voltage, dead battery or battery terminal disconnections.


Whistle while you work

If a 1996-1998 Nissan Pathfinder exhibits a high pitch squeal or whistle from the front hub/brake area, the cause may be the front hub dust seal. This noise can be heard while driving next to a wall where the sound is reflected. The noise is also more likely to be heard after several miles with the front wheels at normal operating temperature.


Don’t get carried away

This bulletin applies to a number of Nissan vehicles, and involves the A/C TXV (thermal expansion valve).


Turning left?

This bulletin applies to 2008 Nissan Pathfinder, Frontier and Xterra vehicles. If the left turn signal will not cancel upon completing a turn, check to see if the turn signal switch tabs are fully seated into the clips


Nissan rattler

If the owner of a 2006-2011 Nissan Armada or Titan complains about a rattle noise at the front brakes during slow speed driving, particularly over rough roads, chances are good that the front brake caliper hardware is shot.

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