Owners of a 2010-2012 Buick Enclave equipped with aluminum wheels may comment about a tick, creak or click noise coming from the wheels when turning and driving at low speeds. The noise may be more prominent at the front wheels and may be more common in warm weather.

This may be caused by torque relaxation at the wheel(s), rotor and hub interface. Although most vehicles will experience this condition with lower mileage (less than 7,500 miles), there is potential that vehicles with higher mileage may experience the same symptom due to service without proper torque monitoring.

Remove the wheel and inspect the rotor hub face for a pin stamp. Use 150-180 grit aluminum oxide sandpaper to lightly sand the pin stamp area smooth, and only the pin stamp area. Install the wheel and re-torque the wheel nuts to 140 ft.-lbs. and re-test to verify that the condition has been eliminated.