This bulletin applies to 2013 BMW 328i vehicles produced from Feb. 28, 2011, to Sept. 29, 2011, or with an integration level lower than E89X-11-09-501.

The windshield wipers may have an implausible operation while the rain-light sensor is active. Symptoms may include an inoperative rain sensor and/or the wiper stages do not change based on how heavy the rain is.

No fault codes may be stored for the rain-light sensor.

The cause may be a JBE3 (junction box electronics) software error. Do not replace parts. Perform a vehicle test with ISTA and troubleshoot any faults related to the windshield wipers or the rain-light sensor. If no faults are stored, program using ISTA/P 2.43 or later.

The ISTA/P will automatically reprogram and code all programmable control modules that do not have the latest software.