This bulletin applies to 2009-2011 Cadillac Escalade 2WD hybrid models where a no-crank concern is present, along with multiple codes set in different modules. After recording the codes, you may wonder which codes you should start with.

1. Address codes P1AE2-P1AE4, P1B05 or P1B06 first. These are related to the High Voltage System Interlock Circuit for the high voltage system. These codes may be experienced after a service part has been installed due to the High Voltage disconnect not being fully seated, the drive motor generator control module sight shield (PIM cover) not being fully seated, or the two-wire connector may be disconnected at the transmission three-phase cable cover.

2. Address any CURRENT loss of communication DTCs that create a “U” code related to the powertrain expansion bus or the high speed LAN bus.

3. Address any low voltage concerns that may be related to a low 12-volt battery.