This bulletin applies to 2013 Chevy Tahoe 4WD vehicles equipped with Single Rear Video Screen or Dual Rear Video Screens, where customers complain that one or both of the roof-mounted video screens will not turn on.

Check X206 and X306 for terminal damage or loose connections. Repair or replace any terminals of concern, power-off the vehicle for 5 minutes, and validate repairs by testing video screen function.

The X206 location: RH A-pillar harness to I/P harness (Y91) or I/P extension harness (except Y91) top right side of the I/P under the defroster deflector near center.

The X306 location: Headliner harness to right A-pillar harness, front center roof behind the left side of the overhead console assembly.

NOTE: Connector X306 can be accessed by removing the overhead console only. Headliner removal is not necessary.