This bulletin applies to 2007 Chrysler vehicles including RAM, Durango, Nitro, Liberty, Dakota, Grand Cherokee and Commander, any of which are equipped with a 3.7L engine built on or before March 12, 2007.

The customer may experience a slight high-frequency whistle sound, most noticed under load and light throttle, between 1,200 and 2,000 rpm.

Disconnect and isolate the battery negative cable from the battery.

Remove the electronic throttle control (ETC) throttle body from the intake manifold.

Apply a very small 1mm diameter bead of RTV to the intake manifold-to-throttle body joint. The RTV is to be applied to the lower section of the joint between the lower two throttle body bolt holes. A very small amount of RTV is needed to seal the slight gap on the inner surface of the joint. The gap was created by a slight taper in the joint surface.

Install the ETC throttle body and tighten the four bolts to 60 in.-lbs. Over-torquing the bolts can easily damage the throttle body.

Wipe of any excess RTV. Reassemble, connect the battery and re-set the clock.

Note the location for RTV (3), between the two lower bolt holes.

Note the location for RTV (3), between the two lower bolt holes.