Beginning in 2009, some Nissan cooling systems are filled at the factory with a new Genuine Nissan Long Life Antifreeze/coolant that is blue in color.

The blue long-life coolant is designed to provide a longer service interval of 10 years/135,000 miles. However, Nissan still recommends a maintenance interval of four years/60,000 miles.

The green-colored Nissan long life coolant P/N 999MP-AF000P is backwards-compatible with the blue coolant and may be used to top-off cooling systems that were originally filled with the blue coolant.

Nissan notes that adding green coolant to blue coolant reduces the life of the blue coolant from 10 years/135,000 miles to four years/60,000 miles.

A mix ratio of 50% Nissan coolant and 50% demineralized or distilled water is recommended.