New officers and board members were elected to the Equipment and Tool Institute (ETI) for 2018-2019.

Officers (one-year term):

President:Jim Fish (Lemur Vehicle Monitors)

Vice president, programs: Kevin FitzPatrick (Autologic Diagnostics)

Vice president, marketing: Robert Vogt (IOSiX)

Secretary/treasurer: Peter Richardson (Car-O-Liner)

Elected for a one-year term on the board of directors:

Mark Theriot (Solera)

Elected for a three-year term on the board of directors:

Neil Davis (Snap-on Diagnostics)

David Rich (Innova Electronics)

Chris Bahlman (Continental Automotive Systems)

Ratification vote for appointees: 

One-year term: Harlan Siegel (Launch Tech USA)

Two-year term: Ed Prange (Bosch Automotive Service Solutions)

The remainder of the board, not up for election are:

Expiring in 2018-19: Chuck Abbott (CPS Products)

Expiring in 2019-20: Andreas Huber (MAHLE Service Solutions) and Tom Bertosa (Bosch Automotive Service Solutions)


Retiring directors:

Brian Herron (Drew Technologies) 2011-2018

Tim Morgan (Spanesi Americas) 2010-2018