Mahle Aftermarket Inc. introduced 58 part numbers in June 2015 for various types of bearings, gaskets, pistons, piston rings, filters, and thermostats for a range of light vehicle and heavy duty applications.

New part numbers are available for the following products:

* pistons and piston rings;

* cylinder head gaskets;

* gasket seals;

* crankshafts;

* connecting rod bearing sets;

* o-ring kits;

* cylinder head sets;

* main bearing sets;

* oil pan gaskets;

* insert thermostats; and

* valve cover gaskets and cover sets.

“The latest addition of the new part numbers shows our continued commitment to meeting the needs of our customers with a well-rounded and extensive product offering,” says Jon Douglas, general manager for Mahle Aftermarket North America.

For a complete listing of new part numbers introduced in June, visit the company’s website.