The economical Tracerline OPTI-PRO EZ-Shot A/C Kit (part number TP-8616) makes it easy for technicians to find all air conditioning leaks, quickly and efficiently, says the company.

At the heart of the kit is the OPTI-PRO — a cordless, “true UV” (violet light) LED leak detection flashlight that provides optimal fluorescent dye response and contrast so all leaks glow brilliantly! It works with all Tracerline universal/ester and PAG A/C dyes. The unit has power comparable to high-intensity 100-watt lamps, with an inspection range of 15 feet (4.6 m) or more. Powered by three AAA batteries (included), it has a 100,000-hour LED service life.

Also included in the kit are an EZ-Shot A/C dye injection gun with hose and coupler, an 8 oz BigEZ universal A/C dye cartridge for servicing up to 64 vehicles, an 8 oz spray bottle of GLO-AWAY dye cleaner and fluorescence-enhancing glasses. All components are stored in a rugged carrying case.

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