DriveItNow, a provider of online monthly payment marketing technology, announced its new Trade-in Equity Analyzer is now available as part of its pre-qualified payment quoting service.

Most car sales involve a trade-in. The value and the equity in these trade-ins dramatically affects the whole transaction. Consumers typically are unaware of their equity or, in most cases, inequity of their trade-in. The inequity, meaning they owe more on the car than what it's worth, can now be seen prior to visiting the dealership.

DriveItNow's Trade-in Equity Analyzer lets the dealer and consumer easily see their trade-in value and the effect it will have on their new payment. This information is critical in giving them a more realistic view of the vehicles they can afford to purchase.

“Knowing the net equity position of the customer’s trade-in can make or break a deal,” said Tarry Shebesta, President of DriveItNow. "This platform gives dealers and consumers a more realistic picture of how their trade-in affects their monthly payment, resulting in a more positive buying experience.”

DriveItNow Trade-in Equity Analyzer eliminates shoppers’ guesswork and thereby improves their confidence and likelihood of purchasing a new vehicle.

This service is available exclusively to DriveItNow dealer customers and industry partners.

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