Delphi Product & Service Solutions announces seven new coolant temperature sensors that cover almost six million North American Audi, Volkswagen and Mercedes-Benz vehicles from 1985 to present. Part numbers are TS10236, TS10245, TS10251, TS10269, TS10278, TS10279 and TS10281.

Manufactured to meet or exceed OE requirements and testing, Delphi says its one-piece design and automated production process eliminates internal connectors and failure points. A rugged plastic shell and thermistor pre-mold subassembly prevent stress, ensuring accurate measurements and vibration resistance.

The thermistor is separate from the outer shell and is surrounded by thermally conductive fluid. Each sensor is electrically insulated to eliminate interference from other components in the vehicle.

Temperature sensors monitor the temperature of the engine coolant. When the coolant temperature changes, the sensor notifies the electronic control module (ECM). The ECM triggers the check engine light when the coolant gets too hot and the engine is about to overheat.

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