SKF has introduced 18 new part numbers to its driveshaft support bearings product line. The new part numbers cover Chevrolet/GMC, Dodge, Ford and Saturn applications.
New part numbers include:

HB88520 (2001-2002 Chevrolet/GMC 1 ton trucks; 1992-1996 1 ton trucks; 1987-1990 1 ton trucks; 1992-1995 ¾ ton trucks; 1987-1995 ½ ton trucks; 1991-1994 and Compact trucks, vans & SUVs; 1985 Full-size vans.)

HB88523 (2007-2010 Ford F Series over GVW 8500)

HB88525 (2008-2011 Ford 1 ton trucks; 2007-2011 ¾ ton trucks)

HB88526 (2007-2010 Ford F Series over GVW 8500)

HB88527 (2007-2010 Ford ¾ ton trucks)

HB88528 (2007-2010 Ford F350 Series 156, 158 Wheel Base)

HB88529 (2008-2011 Ford 1 ton trucks, 2011 ¾ ton trucks; 1995-2003 Compact trucks, vans & SUVs)

HB88536 (2003-2005 Dodge 1 ton trucks; 2003-2005 ¾ ton trucks)

HB88547 (2006-2010 Dodge 1 ton trucks; 2006-2010 ¾ trucks)

HB88549 (2011 Ford 1 ton trucks; 2011 ¾ ton trucks)

HB88550 (2008 Ford 1 ton trucks; 2007-2011 ¾ ton trucks)

HB88551 (2008-2011 Ford 1 ton trucks; 2011 ¾ ton trucks)

HB88552 (2008-2010 Ford 1 ton trucks; 2007-2010 ¾ ton trucks)

HB88553 (2011 Ford 1 ton trucks; 2011 ¾ ton trucks)

HB88555 (2002-2007 Saturn CUVs)

HB88555-UJ (2002-2007 Saturn CUVs)

“SKF is pleased to expand its offering of driveshaft support bearings to provide increased coverage for popular passenger cars and light trucks like the Ford F Series,” says Jim Lackowski, product manager, SKF. “We will continue to evaluate the product line and introduce part numbers that meet customer demands.”

Built to meet or exceed OE specifications, SKF driveshaft support bearings feature center support bearings that are pre-lubricated and sealed with metal reinforced seals to prevent contamination; rubber support cushions that are manufactured from durable rubber compounds that provide maximum support while isolating the driveline shaft from damaging vibration; and driveshaft support frames that are constructed from steel or aluminum that provides additional strength and long life in harsh environments.

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