Cardone has added 95 SKUs of their Cardone Select brand window lift regulators (some with motors) in 2012, with more on the way soon, the company says.

A few of the popular new applications include:

82-15016AR Honda Accord F/R 2003-2007 (pictured)

82-15017AR Honda Accord F/L 2003-2007

82-1358CR Nissan trucks F/R 2005-2010

82-1359CR Nissan trucks F/L 2005-2010

82-3017AR Ford/Mercury trucks F/L 2001-2007

82-3018AR Ford/Mercury trucks F/R 2001-2007

82-3427C Mercedes E-Class F/R 2003-2010

82-3428C Mercedes E-Class F/L 2003-2010

82-610B Dodge Dakota F/R 1997-2004

82-611B Dodge Dakota F/L 1997-2004

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