ACDelco has made several enhancements to select GM OE service fuel modules, affecting 85 part numbers.

The fuel module enhancements, which do not affect fit, form or function, include:

* Pump changes from a Gerotor pump to a generation 4 turbine pump for quieter operation and improved durability.

* Module plastic changes to a more fuel-resistant Acetyl plastic for improved tolerance to high-alcohol fuels.

* Guide rods reduced from three to two to retain proper alignment and reduce pinching.

* Jet pump added to help maintain fuel in the reservoir.

* The external strainer moves inside the fuel module to reduce the risk of puncture.

* Float material is more fuel resistant for a longer life.

* Some float arms and pivot points will change, but fuel level sensor output will not.

Customers will receive a special notice in each fuel module box explaining the enhancements.

For information on ACDelco GM OE service fuel modules, see the company’s website at