Al Goodyear, former executive manager of the North American Council of Automotive Teachers (NACAT), passed away on July 23 in San Diego, due to complications following a hip fracture. He was 83 years old.

Born in Birmingham, Alabama, he graduated from the Georgia Military Academy and then enrolled at Penn State University where he graduated in 1949 with a B.A. degree in liberal arts. He served as a field representative for Prentice-Hall, as President of Goodyear Publishing Co., as Vice President of Sage Publications, Vice-President of education for Mitchell International and Associate Publisher for Bristlecome Books.

Goodyear served as NACAT Executive Manager from 1992 to 2005. He was awarded the NACAT MVP award in 2003. Goodyear became an active musician after retirement. He is survived by his wife, a son and two daughters.