At this year’s award ceremony for the best Daimler suppliers, Automotive Lighting was given the Special Award Innovation for developing the first intelligent all-LED headlight with adaptive light functions.

Eugenio Razelli, president, and Khalid Qalam, chief technical and marketing officer, were granted the prestigious Special Award Innovation for the all-LED headlight for the Mercedes-Benz CLS.

Daimler presents this special award to suppliers that stand out as a result of especially groundbreaking ideas, reports Automotive Lighting. The award ceremony took place recently during the annual Daimler Key Supplier Meeting held at the Mercedes-Benz branch in Stuttgart, Germany.

Every year, Daimler presents awards for outstanding achievements to 13 suppliers in various categories, with the addition of a special award for innovation. The best companies in quality, cost and supply as well as technology and innovation are singled out on the basis of a uniform system of assessment.

Automotive Lighting’s all-LED headlight was given the Special Award Innovation because of its safety and convenience qualities, the company says. In addition, the designers made use of the potential of long-lasting LEDs to create an attractive brand-defining design, the company notes.

Automotive Lighting also designed the first headlight worldwide to have an active infrared system for the Mercedes-Benz S-Class in 2005. Three years later came the “camera-controlled light-dark boundary,” also in the S-Class.

Automotive Lighting also received the 2011 Red Dot product design honorable mention award for the all-LED headlight on the Mercedes-Benz CLS.