Brake Control Module Mystery

This bulletin applies to 2013 Cadillac Escalade models. A “Service Stability Message” may appear on the DIC (drivers information center) as a result of a DTC C0561 set in the EBCM (electronic brake control module). The EBCM receives messages from other modules over GMLAN which are needed to perform ABS, VSES and/or TCS functions.

Do not replace the EBCM to resolve this concern.

The PCM or BCM will typically set a DTC when the EBCM sets this DTC. Address DTCs in all modules before trying to address DTC C0561. There have been some cases in the field where the diagnostic code was a type “B” code that would not set a check engine lamp but would set a DTC C0561 in the EBCM.

Inspect the freeze frame and failure records in the PCM for anything that may cause a powertrain related code.

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