Bendix Premium Line Provides Platform-Specific Brake Coverage

Mat Holdings says the Bendix Brakes brand Premium product line offers comprehensive coverage for late-model vehicles.
<p>Mat Holdings says the Bendix Brakes brand Premium product line offers comprehensive coverage for late-model vehicles.</p>

Mat Holdings Inc.’s Bendix Brakes brand Premium product line is designed to provide platform-specific automotive brake coverage.

The company says offers comprehensive coverage for late model vehicles.

The Bendix Premium line includes automotive brake pads, discs, shoes and complete brake shoe kits. The company says the product line leads the industry in quality and ease of installation.

Bendix Premium line of friction products features copper-free formulations, putting it at the leading edge of environmentally-conscious brake design, according to Mat Holdings. By 2025, all brake manufacturers selling in the United States must eliminate copper from their friction formulations in order to meet regulations in California and Washington, enacted due to concerns over the effect of copper from brake friction materials on the environment.

Bendix Premium brake pads feature four-layer noise eliminating shims. They are available in ceramic and semi-metallic formulations, and include hardware when applicable.

The company says that unlike competing products, Bendix Premium rotors are platform-specific, ensuring the best possible operation for each vehicle platform.

Additionally, the rotors are sold in pairs within responsible weight limits which streamlines installation. They are manufactured in Europe to the highest standards of quality, featuring precise, OEM-driven machining specs, OE-specified design and vane configuration, and a premium coating to protect from corrosion.

Bendix Premium complete brake shoe kits are also an innovative addition to the market. These preassembled sets of brake shoes, with all hardware included, save mounting time and greatly simplify stocking and installation. The brake shoes are constructed with OE Grade steel and advanced adhesives for maximum strength and durability.

For more information about the Bendix Premium product line, visit the Bendix website.

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