Drivers Lose Their Cool

This bulletin applies to a host of Acura models including 1997-2003 CL, 2013 ILX, 2013 ILX Hybrid, 2001-2012 MDX, 2007-2013 RDX, 1996-2012 RL, 2002-2006 RSX, 1999-2006 RSX, 1999-2012 TL, 2003-2012 TSX and 2010-2012 ZDX.

The customer may complain that the A/C systems performs poorly during hard acceleration.

According to Acura, this may be a normal characteristic of the vehicle. In order to kick up acceleration and passing performance, the ECM/PCM cuts off the A/C compressor at or near wide open throttle.

Tell your lead-foot customer that no A/C repairs are needed.

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