Power Liftgate Problem

Some 2013-2014 Ford Flex vehicles equipped with a power liftgate and built on or before 9-9-2013 may exhibit a condition where the liftgate power open and/or close function is inoperative, or a crunching noise from the power liftgate motor is present during operation. DTC B2908 may be stored in the liftgate/trunk module (LTM).

1. Is the power liftgate open and/or close function inoperative, or is there a crunching noise during operation?

2. No….this procedure does not apply. Continue normal diagnosis.

3. Yes…Proceed to Step 2.

4. Replace the power liftgate motor. Refer to the workshop manual, Section 501-03.

5. Perform the general procedure for liftgate alignment.

6. Reprogram the LTM to the latest calibration using IDS release 87.01 or higher.

The new liftgate motor is available as P/N DA8Z-14B351-A.

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