Easy Greasy Fix

This bulletin applies to 2009-2011 Mazda6 models. A click or pop noise may be heard during low speed braking. The noise is likely caused by the front brake pads contacting the mounting support. According to Mazda, a special grease is available, to be applied to the front brake pads and retainers to eliminate the noise.

Remove the front brake pads and apply the special grease evenly to the top, bottom and outboard edges of the pad backing plate and behind the retainer. Naturally, avoid applying grease to the friction material or rotor. Reinstall the pads.

The “special” grease is available as P/N 0000-77-0834-TB. You’ll also need to replace the boot guide pins, which are considered no-reusable (P/N B25D-33-692).

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