Nissan BCM

This bulletin applies to 2013 Nissan Murano vehicles with configurable BCM (body control module). Before replacing a configurable BCM, always select Save Configuration whether or not it has any manually configurable options.

After replacement, “Write Configuration” MUST then be performed and OK selected, even if there are not any options listed.

Auto settings are not visible in CONSULT III plus and it is not possible to confirm these settings. If the original BCM is damaged and “Saving” configuration is not possible, replace the BCM, perform the “Write Configuration” and select OK to ensure that “auto” settings are correct.

Always save the configuration before replacing a BCM.
<p>Always save the configuration before replacing a BCM.</p>

After replacement, “Write Configuration” MUST be performed and OK selected.
<p>After replacement, &ldquo;Write Configuration&rdquo; MUST be performed and OK selected.</p>

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