Leaky Benz

This bulletin applies to 2007-2008 Mercedes-Benz E320 models equipped with the 642 engine. If the lower oil pan appears to be leaking oil, check to see if the oil is coming from the drain holes that connect the V-chamber below the intake manifold.

The drain holes are located at the front of the block in the area of the A/C compressor and at the rear of the block in the area in front of the transmission bell housing. If oil is found in either drain hole, oil is leaking from above the lower pan (oil level switch, etc.).

Clean the area where the lower pan meets the upper oil pan and apply leak detector white contrast spray (A000 989 03 59) to find the source of the leak. In the event the lower pan is leaking, always remove it by screwing longer bolts into the threaded sleeves on the pan in order to separate it from the block.

In the event it is necessary to remove the lower oil pan, Mercedes recommends replacing it, since it deforms during removal and proper sealing is not ensured if re-used.

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