Akebono Expands Brake Pad Coverage

Akebono Brake Corp. has four new Pro-Act and two Euro disc brake pad kits.
<p>Akebono Brake Corp. has four new Pro-Act and two Euro disc brake pad kits.</p>

The newest Pro-Act and Euro disc brake pad kits from Akebono Brake Corp. come with hardware in the box.

All four of the new Pro-Act kits include premium stainless hardware, and both of the new Euro kits include required electronic wear sensor. The new parts expand coverage by more than 2 million vehicles.

“I’m really excited about today’s new part announcement; it’s a continuation of our commitment to include hardware in the box of our pad kits, when applicable of course,” says Kirby Pruitt, product development manager for Akebono.

“Hardware purchased separately is often pricey, again we are including that as a value-add in the box, just like we did last month, and like we did in December, when we reviewed our entire product line and created dozens of new ‘with hardware’ kits. Today we have over 400 disc pad kits with hardware in the box, we are very proud of that fact.”

A complete listing of Akebono applications can be found in the company’s web-catalog at or at

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