Raybestos Cabinets Are Available in Two New Designs

BPI has added two designs to its Raybestos cabinet collection.
<p>BPI has added two designs to its Raybestos cabinet collection.</p>

Brake Parts Inc (BPI) has added two designs to its Raybestos cabinet collection: the Raybestos large-sized product-filled cabinet and the Raybestos “Into the Future” collector’s edition medium-sized cabinet.

Both cabinets are available while supplies last.

“The new additions to our cabinet collection feature cutting-edge designs that will help transform any service bay,” says Kristin Grons, marketing manager, Brake Parts Inc.

“The ‘Into the Future’ cabinet is not only a nod to the brand’s iconic history, but to its bright future through continued industry-leading innovation. Each time we introduce new Raybestos cabinets, they are always in high demand. Since quantities are limited, be sure to place your order before they are gone.”

The “Into the Future” medium-sized cabinet measures 19-3/4-inches high, 30-inches wide and 13-inches deep.

The large Raybestos cabinet measures 38-inches high, 32-inches wide and 15-inches deep. The large cabinet also includes six sets of Raybestos brake pads.

To learn more about the Raybestos cabinet collection, contact a local Raybestos sales representative, call customer service at (800) 323-0354 or visit

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