Supercharger MIL

Some 2014-2015 Toyota Tundra trucks equipped with the 3UR-FE engine and supercharger may experience a MIL on along with DTC P0101 (mass airflow circuit range/performance problem).

1. Using Techstream, check for stored DTCs. If DTC P0101 or more is present, continue with Step 2.

2. Replace the air cleaner box (case) and inlet flow accelerator (plastic piece that extends from lower air canister through right side engine bay body panel). Remove the air inlet tube. Disconnect the vacuum and ventilation hoses and loosen the two clamps. Discard the air inlet tube and clamps. Remove the air cleaner lid. Disconnect the mass airflow meter connector. Use a clip removal tool to detach the wire harness clamp. Unfasten the four hook clamps. Remove and discard the air cleaner element. Remove the MAF from the air cleaner lid. Discard the air cleaner lid but retain the two screws. Install the MAF in the supplied air cleaner lid using the OE screws and tighten to 15 in.-lbs. Remove the air cleaner case by removing the two bolts. Install the new air cleaner case using the new bolts that are pre-installed.

Use a flat blade screwdriver to unclip and discard the air inlet flow accelerator from the air cleaner case. The inlet to the case is inserted into and snaps to the air flow accelerator. Once the two parts are snapped together, push the air flow accelerator further through the panel so that the bolt holes align. Torque to 44 in.-lbs.

Place the hose clamps on each side of the air inlet tube. Leave the clamps loose for now. Install the filter minder by inserting the grommet into the air box top, making sure that the groove in the grommet is lined up with the air box cover surface.

Lubricate the filter minder barbed end and push it into the grommet. Place the TRD-supplied air filter in the air box base. Clip the supplied air box. Position the inlet hose so that it is in a natural position and tighten the hose clamps to 35 in.-lbs.

Connect the vent hose and fuel pressure regulator hose to the air inlet tube. Plug in the MAF sensor and clip the harness to the air box lid.

3. Confirm the repair. Connect Techstream to the DLC3 and turn the ignition switch to the on position. Clear DTCs. Turn the ignition switch off and wait for at least 30 seconds. Start the engine and warm it up until coolant temperature reaches 158 degrees Fahrenheit or higher. Drive the vehicle at about 50 mph to 70 mph for 5 minutes or more. Keep engine load as stable as possible while driving. Confirm that there are no pending or current DTCs.

P/N ....................................... PART

PTR43-00090....................... TRD air filter

PTR03-34083....................... Air box top

17701-0S010........................ Air box bottom (case)

PTR03-34082....................... Intake tubes

PTR03-34071....................... Air flow monitor, cold air intake

PTR03-35090-AE................. TRD intake hardware

Remove the air cleaner lid and remove the MAF.
<p>Remove the air cleaner lid and remove the MAF.</p>

Install the MAF to the supplied air cleaner lid.
<p>Install the MAF to the supplied air cleaner lid.</p>

Note the location of the air flow accelerator.
<p>Note the location of the air flow accelerator.</p>

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