Red Line Coolant Also Helps Protect Against Corrosion

Red Line says its WaterWetter additive has increased cooling abilities and also protects vital components from corrosion.
<p>Red Line says its WaterWetter additive has increased cooling abilities and also protects vital components from corrosion.</p>

Red Line Synthetic Oil Corp. offers its WaterWetter coolant for use in everyday applications.

WaterWetter was original designed for racing applications. The company says it lowers coolant temperatures by as much as 20 degrees Fahrenheit, while simultaneously protecting against harmful rust and corrosion.

When the car engine is cooled, remove the radiator or expansion tank cap and pour in the appropriate amount, one bottle for a typical automotive cooling system.

The company says that by lowering the surface tension of coolant, WaterWetter acts to lower engine coolant temperatures. This allows for greater heat transfer from the engine’s metal components to the coolant, reducing the chances of overheating and the formation of unwelcome cylinder head hot spots.

In addition to its increased cooling abilities, Red Line’s WaterWetter also protects vital components from corrosion. Modern automotive engines often have aluminum parts including radiators, heads and water pump housings. As a result, these engines require even greater corrosion protection, compared to their cast iron counterparts. The company says WaterWetter can help prevent potentially catastrophic corrosion build up by forming a protective film inside these parts.

The majority of street cars run a 50/50 ethylene or propylene glycol/water solution in their cooling systems. Those set ups benefit from the use of WaterWetter because normal driving conditions, such as stop and go traffic, can overburden a vehicle’s cooling system and cause overheating, according to Red Line. Additionally, those cooling systems can be more susceptible to rust and corrosion as old, unchanged coolants can turn acidic and speed up internal corrosion.

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