New OTC Powertrain Lift Has 2,500-Pound Capacity

The new OTC powertrain lift is an air/hydraulic operation featuring a scissor-type design.

<p>The new OTC powertrain lift is an air/hydraulic operation featuring a scissor-type design.</p><p class="strapline" style="margin-left: .25in; text-indent: -.25in; line-height: 17.0pt;"><span style="font-size: 12.0pt; font-family: 'Arial',sans-serif;">&nbsp;</span></p>

The new OTC air/hydraulic powertrain lift (1595A) features a scissor-type design and has a 2,500-pound capacity.

Bosch Automotive Service Solutions Inc. says the 1595A powertrain lift can easily maneuver around a shop on its large casters. The table is capable of tilting +/- 15 degrees side-to-side.

The scissor-designed powertrain lift can handle loads including heavy engine and transmission assemblies, gas tanks, drive axle assemblies, electric vehicle batteries and more. Using the new air/hydraulic foot pump, technicians can accurately lift heavy items where each needs to be on a vehicle, according to Bosch.

In addition to precise raising and lowering, the table of the lift is adaptable from independent adjusting screws, capable of tilting the table 15 degrees side-to-side or fore-and-aft, allowing full range of motion to remove or install heavy items. The lift’s large, 8-inch swivel casters can accommodate the load capacity with ease and allow the technician to move the lift around the shop.

The OTC air/hydraulic powertrain lift (1595A) meets ASME PASE standards.

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