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Proper wheel torque prevents comebacks

The importance of following proper torquing procedures cannot be overstated, especially when working with expensive — and sometimes delicate — custom wheels.

“Custom wheels pose their own unique set of challenges,” says Sam Ortolani, national sales manager for Norbar Torque Tools and a recognized torque expert.

“One, they’re big, which makes them heavy. They’re aftermarket, which makes them much different than the wheels that came on your car.

“Original equipment wheels are designed to fit that car’s hub; aftermarket wheels are designed to fit a wide range of hubs. Because of that, they require hardware to make sure they seat properly on the center of the hub. And they may or may not need spacers.”

Knowing and practicing correct custom wheel torquing techniques will ensure proper performance, cosmetic satisfaction and most importantly, safe operation.

“The liability involved with a wheel-off is staggering,” says Ortolani. “Million-dollar claims are not unheard of.”

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