Schley Honda/Acura ball joint R&R

Schley Products Inc. has introduced a unique lower ball joint service tool for Honda/Acura applications. The new tool allows removal and installation of the lower ball joints on the car, eliminating the need to remove the steering knuckle and using a stationary press.

The tool features two main parts that attach to an air hammer (remover and installer tools). The installer tool couples with one of three different sizes of installer heads that drive the new joint into place without damage.

The tool system covers 1991-97 Honda Civic, 1990-2002 Accord, 1988-91 and 1996-98 Prelude, 1995-97 Odyssey; and 1988-95 Acura Legend, 1992-2001 Integra and 1996-2003 TL.

Tags: suspension 
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