Isuzu with slow engagement issues

2003-2006 Isuzu Ascender equipped with automatic transmission: Some customers may complain about delayed engagement times from Park to Reverse, Neutral to Drive, Neutral to Reverse, and Park to Drive. With transmission temperature above 32 degrees F, the engagement times should be approximately one second. When the ATF is colder than 32 degrees F, engagement time will be longer. If engagement times are considered to be excessive, inspect the following: the forward clutch piston seals (delay to drive), the low and reverse clutch piston seals (delay to reverse), the reverse input clutch piston seals (delay to reverse), and the stator shaft to reverse input drum seals (delay to reverse). Note that engagement times may be extended if the engine rpm is above the base idle, when controlled by the driver’s throttle input rather than by the control module.

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