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Oil filters exposed

Straight Talk About Oil Filters

Information provided courtesy of Purolator Filters

Let’s face it. Automotive technicians can perform some pretty complicated procedures. That's why they're called technicians. You can work for years and earn certicfications and gain experience, but the basic procedures are where you started out in the beginning.

One of those basic procedures is spinning an oil filter onto an engine. In most cases, performing that procedure is probably the equivalent of asking your helper to pick up an oil filter and quickly put it on so we can send the finished job out to the customer.

But are we really doing justice to the customer and, in fact, to our careful work? After all, does it really matter which filter we screw onto a fresh everyday motor? Well, sure it does. That first filter must protect our fresh engine from whatever chips and machining debris might linger in the recesses of the oil galleries and crankcase. And, probably more importantly, the filter we install is likely to establish the precedent for the brand of filter that the car owner will continue to use. So our choice is more long-lived than we might think.

Are all filters the same?

And so we come to the next question: Aren’t all oil filters pretty much the same?

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