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Threaded fastener grades (Part 3


Performance aftermarket fastener manufacturers offer much higher tensile strength fasteners that are specifically designed for racing applications. ARP, for example, offers threaded fasteners that boast 170,000 psi, 190,000 psi and 220,000 psi. In other words, instead of hitting the local hardware store or Internet source for imported who-knows-what-or-where-they-came-from fasteners, stick with reputable U.S. firms that are dedicated to supplying pro race engine and car builders.

Be aware that a lot of overseas junk is floating around out there, some of it counterfeit (low grade junk marked as Grade 8, etc.). If you want to screw on a dash plaque, feel free to grab whatever works. When it comes to stainless-steel fasteners, you can get burned very easily if you opt to buy unknown brand fasteners. The alloy mix is critical in terms of fastener strength.

If you want stainless stuff, buy only known performance fastener brands (again, ARP is but one example). They’ve selected the proper grade of stainless for specific automotive applications that will provide the performance and durability required. Buying generic stainless-steel fasteners can result in major grief down the road. When you’re building an engine or are about to assemble a chassis, don’t take chances. Know what you’re buying!

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