Herkules T200 Pit Boss air-operated vehicle lift

Herkules Equipment Corp.’s T200 Pit Boss is a 100% air-operated, 10,000-lb. capacity vehicle lift. It consists of two lift platforms, one stationed on each side of a “quick lube” pit, that raises vehicles vertically with no rearward movement. The low profile (4.25 inches) allows even the lowest clearance vehicles to drive on with ease.

The T200 has a small footprint which works well in the smallest oil change facilities. Herkules’ air bag technology eliminates the hazards and maintenance problems associated with hydraulics or electricity. There is no need to replace costly cylinders or messy fluids.

The T200 accessory kit includes: dual control valve assembly with wall mount; set of four ramps; rubber blocks to protect from metal-to-metal contact; set of two lightweight cross tubes; set of four height extenders; hoses, plumbing and anchors. The lift unit requires 100 psi. In-ground installation is optional.

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