Wells adds 400 components to product lineup

Nearly 400 additional sensors, switches, relays and other components for late-model foreign-nameplate and domestic applications are now available through the Wells Vehicle Electronics brand.

The new parts include dozens of ABS wheel speed sensors, several camshaft and crankshaft position sensors, relays, switches, vapor canisters, blower motor resistors, coils, pigtails, and more. The Wells line totals over 38,000 engine management, ignition, emissions, fuel system and other parts.

“Wells offers the most complete coverage of the engine management market, and we continue to build on our leadership with a strong investment in new products across multiple categories,” says Bill Nonnamaker, vice president, sales and marketing, Wells Vehicle Electronics. “But the value of doing business with Wells extends beyond coverage – our engineers also develop innovative product features that address the performance and reliability issues associated with many OE parts.”

Wells’ complete line of components is featured in the company’s user-friendly electronic catalog, available 24/7 at

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