Gentle industrial-strength hand cleaner from Permatex

Grease Grabber from Permatex, a division of Illinois Tool Works Inc., is an industrial-strength paste-style hand cleaner that contains no harsh solvents. It utilizes soft poly-scrubbers and a special blend of detergents to remove tough soils.

It is also fortified with soothing emollients that moisturize and soften hard-working hands to help prevent drying and cracking. Grease Grabber is very effective on grease, tar, asphalt, hydraulic fluids, adhesives, carbon, silicone, cement, glues as well as foul odors such as fuel, oil, printer's ink, even fish, onion, and garlic, says the company.

Grease Grabber Coconut leaves a coconut fragrance, while Grease Grabber Lemon Lime offers the scent of fresh lemons and limes. Both Coconut and Lemon Lime Grease Grabber are offered in a 12-oz. and 4-lb. tub. A special Poly 500 Dispenser is available for economic dispensing of the 4-lb. tub.

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