Eastern expands ECO CARB converter line

Eastern Catalytic has expanded its recently introduced ECO CARB Series of aftermarket converters.

These three-way catalytic converters (TWC) have received a California Air Resources Board (CARB) exemption for use as aftermarket replacements, and are available for direct-fit and universal applications.

Eastern's expanded ECO CARB line now includes: 1995 and older T-1 pre-OBD II Trucks, 1995 and older PC-1 pre-OBD II PC, 1996 - 1998 Honda/Acura PC, 1996 - 2002 GM PC/LDT1, 1996 -2000 Honda Civic PC , 2001 - 2005 Honda Civic PC, 1996 - 2003 Chrysler MDV, 1996 - 2005 Ford MDV, and 1996 - 2003 GM MDV.

According to Henry Hippert, executive sales director, "Eastern has made a substantial investment in engineering and R&D to develop the new series. We are continually expanding the line and are constantly working on additional California vehicle application programs."

For more information, see the company's Web site at

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