Jaguar engine air intake system leaks

This TSB involves the 2008 Jaguar XF 4.2L Supercharged model only. The engine malfunction indicator lamp may be illuminated with “Restricted Performance” displayed in the message center and DTCs P0171 and P0174 may be stored in the ECM. This may be caused by one or more leaks in the engine air intake system.

PARTS: AJ86892 side gaskets

TOOLS: IDS with latest software, Midtronics PSC-550 Vehicle Power Supply and VACUTEC 522-B EVAP Tester 218-00015 or equivalent EVAP tester with built-in nitrogen generator.

NOTE: The diagnostic procedure must begin with a cold engine.


1. Use Special Tool 218-00015 (VACUTEC 522-B EVAP Tester) or equivalent to smoke test the following for five minutes each:

* Down the oil level indicator tube

* In the part-load breather

2. If any leaks are found, repair as necessary.

3. Repeat step 1 to verify.

CAUTION: A Midtronics PSC-550 vehicle power supply must be connected to the vehicle battery during diagnosis.

4, If no leaks are found, connect the Midtronics PSC-550 to the vehicle battery. Note: IDS must be loaded with the latest software.

5. Connect the IDS to the vehicle and begin a new diagnostic session by entering the correct VIN for the current vehicle.

6. Follow the IDS prompts to read the vehicle configuration.

7. Select “No” when prompted “Do you wish to read diagnostic trouble codes?”

8. Select “tick” to continue.

9. Start the engine.

10. Using the IDS Datalogger function, monitor long-term and short-term fuel trims until the engine is fully warmed-up. NOTE: Long-term and short-term fuel trims should remain below 10%.

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