Honda TPMS tool use update

Beginning with some 2007 models, Honda is using a second type of TPMS that does not use initiators that were featured in 2006 and earlier systems. This Honda TSB applies to all 2008 Accords, all 2008 Civics, all 2007-2008 CR-Vs, all 2007-2008 Elements, all 2008 Fits, all 2007-2008 Odysseys (except Touring) and all 2008 S2000s.

All TPMS sensors are mounted on the inside of the rim, connected to the valve stem. All use a wireless transmission to send tire pressure and temperature information to the TPMS unit. All use non-replaceable batteries. To save battery life, the sensors turn on only when the vehicle is being used.

The first type of TPMS (all through 2006) uses initiators mounted above each wheel. When the ignition switch is turned on, the initiators send out a low frequency signal to turn on the TPMS sensors. The initiator, in conjunction with the TPMS control unit, determines tire location. For example, if the right front tire is low on air, the customer sees the low tire pressure indicator and an indication that the right front tire pressure is low. The initiator type TPMS (or location type TPMS) is used on the 2005-2008 Pilot, 2006-2008 Ridgeline and the 2005-2008 Odyssey Touring models.

The new initiator-less TPMS (no-location type) does not use initiators. The TPMS sensors have a built-in acceleration sensor that turns on the TPMS sensors when vehicle speed reaches about 25 mph. Without an initiator, the TPMS control unit cannot determine tire location. For example, if the right front tire is low on air, the customer sees only the low pressure indicator and must check all four tires to locate the problem tire. During diagnosis, the TPMS control unit provides a code for each tire. The TPMS control unit provides a tire number, but you need to perform the sensor position check to find the tire location of the tire number.

A TPMS sensor tool is used for troubleshooting and replacing the TPMS sensors.


TPMS sensor tool kit……..........…….T/N AKS062006

TPMS sensor tool………………......T/N AKS0620061

TPMS sensor AC adapter…............T/N AKS0620062

10-pack rechargeable batteries….T/N AKS0620063

Battery charger………………….......T/N AKS0620064

USB cable……………………….…..T/N AKS0620065


The TPMS sensor tool is a wireless tool that is used with the HDS (Honda Diagnostic System) for troubleshooting (sensor position check) and for replacing TPMS sensors or the control unit (sensor ID learning).

General use:

- Always make sure that the TPMS tool is set to low power unless otherwise instructed.

- Make sure that there are no vehicles or other wheels equipped with TPMS sensors within 10 feet of the vehicle you are servicing.

- Make sure that the batteries are in good condition and are secure in the case.

- Turn on the TPMS sensor tool by following HDS instructions. There are two different wavelengths used, and there are two ways to turn on the TPMS sensor tool. If the TPMS sensor tool is not turned on correctly, you won’t be able to troubleshoot the vehicle or perform the sensor ID learning procedure.

- Turn off the TPMS tool by pressing and holding the small button at the left until the green light in the button turns off. The tool will also turn off automatically after five minutes of inactivity.

AC adapters for the TPMS sensor tool

Two AC adapters are included in the TPMS sensor tool kit. The 90-degree AC adapter is for the battery charger. Use the straight AC adapter to power the TPMS sensor tool when charged batteries are not available. NOTE: The AC adapter does not charge the batteries in the TPMS sensor tool. Also, be sure to remove the batteries from the tool when using the AC adapter.

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