Manual bushing R&R tool set

The Manual Bushing R&R Tool from SP Tools, Schley Products Inc., allows the technician to service a wide range of bushings without removing components from the vehicle.

Due to the awkward dimensions of many suspension components using a conventional press to remove and replace bushings can be time consuming and frustrating, says the company. This complete system can be used to service the vehicle anywhere in the shop.

Features include:

• Save time by not removing components and using a conventional press;

• Allows quick R&R of suspension bushings;

• Comes with 22 cups and receivers for 100’s of size combinations; (range OD 44 mm / ID 34 mm to OD 90 mm / ID 80 mm); and

• Four acme thread spindles, 10 mm, 12 mm, 14 mm and 16 mm, featuring ball bearing thrust washers to insure smooth operation.

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