Correcting Honda seat rattle

Honda reports the driver’s or front passenger’s seat may rattle or clunk when rocking or adjusting the seat forward or backward, or when driving over rough roads.

Honda advises that the seat mounting bolts may not be sufficiently tightened. Re-torque all seat mounting bolts to a value of 36 ft.-lbs. (49 Nm). Although the torque value listed in the 2009-2010 Fit Service Manual is 25 ft.-lbs. (34 Nm), the increased torque value is recommended for vehicles within the affected VIN range with this symptom. This applies to VIN from JHMGE8…AC000001 through JHMGE8…AC021527.

After re-torquing the mounting bolts, rock or adjust the seat backward and forward to verify that the noise is gone.

The new torque spec for front seats is 36 ft.-lbs. (49 Nm).
<p>The new torque spec for front seats is 36 ft.-lbs. (49 Nm).</p>

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